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Apparition Theatre is a brand new company founded in 2019. Our aim is to create thought provoking, intelligent and accessible theatre for all. Whether you’re a seasoned theatre goer or a newcomer we promise to have something you can get your teeth in to.

We are committed to shining a light on all corners of society while never losing the joys of live theatre.

We desire to connect, challenge and build our local communities with fully inclusive theatre. We will have something for everyone.

Apparition Theatre - We are here.

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Did you see How Love Is Spelt?
How Love Is Spelt - Jan 23-Feb 1 The Courtyard Theatre

In a big and isolating world most of us search for a connection with the people surrounding us.

Rejecting all that she knows Peta makes her escape looking for a new lease of life but it is never that simple. Sitting in her lonely bedsit with nothing but her drab furniture for company she longs for a more exciting, fulfilled existence. With each encounter Peta attempts to create a colourful world for herself but her past is not far behind.

So will Peta ever find that spark that will fill her world with colour? And if she does will she recognise it?

How Love is Spelt is a poignant and playful tale of finding and forging connections and creating a future.

Written by Chloe Moss

Directed by Hannah Abramson

Did you see Spur Of The Moment?
Spur Of The Moment - Jan 14-18 The Courtyard Theatre

Apparition Theatre were proud to present Spur Of The Moment between Jan 14-18 2020 at the The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton.

Written by Anya Reiss

Directed by Andrew Beswick


  • Delilah Evans Zoe Mavrides
  • Daniel Mast Jack Sapsford
  • Nick Evans Samuel Ferman
  • Vicky Evans Rebekah Hutton
  • Leonie Fowler Georgia Mae-White
  • Emma M Keira Well
  • Emma G Jessica Lee
  • Naomi Averil Hill
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It's a sad fact that arts funding is hard to obtain and an even sadder fact that it's hard to get audiences in to theatres.

Putting on theatre is tough, incredible but tough. We at Apparition Theatre Company love the work, it’s what we have chosen to devote our lives to. The stress, the tears and the fun. However, there is one universal language in pursuing anything, money. Commitment, passion, dedication sadly can’t pay for performance rights to put plays on for you, most importantly it can’t pay the incredible actors, directors, lighting, set and costume designers who bring the plays to life. We want to create theatre where everyone is paid their wage so they can pursue their ambitions along with us.

To help you help us, we've teamed up with Patreon. Please find out more by checking out our page at

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Facial Palsy UK are proud supporters of Apparition Theatre Company

Facial Palsy UK delivers life-changing support to people with facial palsy who often have limited access to specialist health care. As a registered charity working throughout the UK, our vision is for people living with facial palsy to have timely access to care and treatments that can improve their quality of life and for greater research into the causes and treatments of the condition.

Facial palsy is an umbrella term generally referring to weakness of the facial muscles mainly resulting from temporary or permanent damage to the facial nerve. This causes paralysis of the affected part of the face, impacting the ability to blink, close the eye, eat, drink, speak, smile and laugh. Facial palsy disrupts facial expression and with it the expression of emotions.

Facial palsy has over 50 different causes. There are estimated to be over 100,000 people in the UK affected by facial palsy, the most common being Bell’s palsy.

There are difficulties in accessing treatment and research shows it takes on average 5.6 years to reach a specialist after being diagnosed. This is because GPs do not know where to refer patients for help and because health care funders largely dismiss the condition as cosmetic. In England for example, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted in July 2015 by facial palsy specialists at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull, found that only 13% of Clinical Commissioning Groups routinely fund surgery for people with facial palsy. The main reason for this was because facial palsy surgery was largely deemed cosmetic. People who have cosmetic surgery seek to enhance their looks, in contrast people with facial palsy want to regain an unremarkable appearance. Facial palsy is a medical condition, but it is not routinely seen as such and people are often left with little or no support.

Facial Palsy UK provides a support helpline, local support groups and family days for people with facial palsy. Our website ( is the most comprehensive source of information about facial palsy in the UK. We also raise awareness and promote research into causes and treatments.

Facial expression is central to the work of an actor, to convey mood and emotion without words. Facial palsy is rarely featured on television, films or in theatre. Many people take for granted the ability to smile and underestimate the impact of losing their smile. This is why we are delighted to be partnering with Apparition Theatre Company raising the profile of facial palsy to ensure more people understand.

“The actors and musicians who contact us after developing facial palsy are understandably extremely worried how it will affect their livelihood. It impacts on singing and the ability to purse the lips, speech, facial expression and vision. Sometimes hearing and balance are affected as well. Facial palsy can be a life-changing condition and we were really pleased to be approached by Apparition Theatre Company to raise more awareness.”

Karen Johnson, Deputy CEO, Facial Palsy UK

Facial Palsy
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Meet The Team
Andrew Beswick

Andrew originally hails from Manchester and gained LAMDA certification while still at school, and after taking a little time out, returned to acting and attended drama school completing an intensive BA(Hons) course in London. He has had major roles in a range of plays form classical to contemporary, as well as developing a directing and producing portfolio.

Andrew is working on creating exciting new theatre in both London and Manchester as co-founder of Apparition Theatre.

Apparition Theatre Company

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